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Short-eared Owl

Sweden, or rather, the Swedish west coast is my home area when it comes to birding and nature trips. Here, at the coast, migrating birds are abundant and often provides you with excellent occasions for taking photographs.


The photos on this page are just a few examples on what you can see.


Although the common birds are wonderful I will still focus on presenting birds that are not so common for a Swede, in Sweden, that is.


The rare migrangts or "misplaced" visitors offer a more than welcome interupt to my life. Imagine a bird from Mongolia, in Sweden? Yes it is true, one day in December 2007 I spotted a Blyth's Pipip, Anthus Godlewski just a few hundred yards from my house. Exciting!


As I got my first digital camera 2007 earlier photos are not yet digitalized. I hope to do that shortly.


Well, do enjoy, please!



White-winged Gull
Short-eared Owl
Little Gull
Red Phalarope
Eurasian Dotterel
Montagu's Harrier
Ring Ouzel

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