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Florida - 2014

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Florida - 2011


The family decided to go for a two week vacation trip with another family to Florida. I was not too sad about that proposal and did of course immediately see myself with the camere in both Everglades as well as in the Keys looking for endemic birds.


The trip was really great but the program we followed did not really suit a keen bird watcher so I left Florida with just some five hours pure quality birding.


Anyway, I got to see some beauties, as well as a good friend from Sweden, Per, with whom I had two short two hour trips.


The Keyes are wonderful, I just wish I would have done my home work a little better since I did not see any of the "endemic" birds, such as the White Crowned Pigeon.


However, I got some good sighting of a Short-tailed Hawk at in Marathon.


For the first time I had the possibility to take the whole family with me to the USA. We arrived to Orlando and stayed there for a week before we decided to take a tour along the east coast, down to Fort Lauderdale.


I did not know if the trip would render any quality time with my camera, i.e. to see and take photos of the nice birds. Fortunately I got one hour every morning at a small lake, right outside our flat. The second week the family actually agreed to visit the Everglades.


As this was thie first time I went to Florida, it was an eldorade as several birds were observed for the first time. I really like that situation. When I came there the second time I understood that I had only seen "common" birds first time. But who cares?


I do! But I at least I had a great time, great wheather and a great travel team.



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