Vermillion Flycatcher

2008 I had the opportunity to be accepted for a conference in Detroit. My paper was presented on a Tuesday and the remainder of the week was free. This was what I knew before I left Sweden. My boss knew I would take a few days off on my own cost.


The years before I went on this trip had resulted in a lot of traveling and thus my collected frequent flyer miles account was well filled. These miles, part of it, I used to book a trip for my friend Mikael. He left Sweden two days later and we decided to meet in Albuquerque in New Mexico.


Five days in the sourthermost parts of USA is as close as optimal bird watching can get in USA. Arizona and New Mexico have several birds that just barely enters USA and thus can offer amazing birds.


We travelled through Bosque del Apache, Gila mountains and the Sky islands as well as Sierra Madres. When we closed the trip we had seen 178 bird species.

Gilded Woodpecker

I was in Detroit for an SAE World Congress, an automotive fair, when I continued to Phoenix for a meeting with my friend Brendan. I had really no time but one and a half day off in toal and spent that in the Botanical garden in Phoenix and a trip outside Phoenix.


At the time I arrived to Phoenix I had just bought my first IS lens, a 100-400 mm and I was eager to try it out at a place where the light was a little better than Detroit in spring.


The photos are all originally photoed in JPG and during a wonderful afternoon.


Next day I traveled to Buckeye to do some searching for Le Conte's Thrasher. I was lucky to spot it but did not get close enough to get a picture (or fast enough for that matter).


Anyway, the trip to Arizona learnt me that even a few hours away from the office is worth while and memorable.

Given the opportunity to go to Nevada (Las Vegas) and talk about your topic of the day, self driving cars there is almost a must to extend the trip slightly.


Said and done, my colleague Anders and I rented a car after we landed in las Vegas Friday evening and started to drive to the Needles, close to Havasue national park, Then we drove over the mountains up to Flaggstaff.


In the Area of Flagstaff we went to some Indian territories as well to Montezuma Castke and Well.


Nice birding, but as we had no professional guidance or preparation we had to suffice with what was offered along the road.

United States is a great place for birders. I have been there many times now and still explore new sites. I have tried to organize my photos through the different "tours" I have made "over there".


2013 I had just bought my new tele lens, 300 mm f2.8 and went from Detroit down to Brownsville, Texas, a city also known for a birding movie, the Big Year.


The area is extremely interesting as it is an area where many "Mexican" birds "just" enter United states and thus it is possible to get an extra 50 or 60 species on the USA list.


My trip was short, we arrived Thursday night, birded Friday and Saturday as well as few hours on Sunday, then back to Europe.


Most noteworthy about the trip was that we actually accidently drow into Mexico (at least we think so) unaware of the boarder.

Lower Rio Grande is amazing, go there!

Sivencrona's Photo Gallery

Arizona - 2016

Common Black Hawk
Common PauraqueNyctidromus albicolli,

Texas - 2013

Stilt Sandpiper
Common PauraqueNyctidromus albicolli,

Arizona & New Mexico - 2009

Buff-bellied Hummingbird
Swainson's Hawk
Swainson's Hawk

Phoenix - 2007

Black-chinned Hummingbird
Eastern Kingbird

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