A few days work in Detroit allowed me to do some 5 hours birdwatching in Kensington Metro Park, some 40 minutes NW Detroit.


I was over to Autoliv in Southfield and on Friday, before the plan was leaving I had the time to go to Kensington Metro park, a fairly nice area.


Entering the park I spotted several Turkies running over the road and then it just continued. This time I was trying to spot Warblers.


I did not really see that many but some other nice birds, such as Peregrine Falcon and also some nice Sparrows.


Michigan Grayling - 2016

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Michigan - 2016

Sandhill Crane
Black Capped Chickadee
Chimney Swift
Sandhill Crane
Black Capped Chickadee

Indiana - 2015

Yellow-breasted Chat
Northern Parula

Michigan - 2015

Sandhill Crane
Black Capped Chickadee

Wisconsin - 2015

Red-breasted Nuthatcher
Black Capped Chickadee

For many years I had known of the very rare Kirtlands Warbler. It was almost extinct some 30 years ago. but today there are at least a few thousands in the area of Grayling.


On the way to USA I suddenly found out that I had forgotten my driving license and thus could not get my car out of the lot. This was troublesome.


After some hours my colelague tells me he has a car for me and I decided to go with Uber to Southfield and get hold of his car. Then I hit the road. A three hour drive to Grayling and a nice hotel.


The first morning was terrific. Nice weather after a while. I furthermore met a few bird watchers from Indianapolis. This was great and together we found a lot of birds and visited many areas.



Chimney Swift

A few days work in Indianapolis, or rather Kokomo, allowed me for a few hours of biding in the Indiana. Before leaving Sweden I noted a few parks in Indianapolis sd especially interesting. I had read these should harbor many Warblers.


My planning was optimal as I had to wait for my colleague to arrive. The last day I had also two hours of birding before my flight left. In Kokomo I made a short trip in the evening to Grissam Airport. On the target list was the Cerulean Warbler.


A few weeks before I finalized the trip planning I saw that there was a planned escursion in Fort Harrison State park with a very good Ornithologist, Don Gorney taking the lead. That was perfect as warblers are quite difficult to pin down to the species without being good at their song.


In total the trip gave me around 30 new lifers with the Cerulean Warbler in the top.


Red-eyed Vireo

A few days work in Detroit allowed me to do some 5 hours birdwatching in Kensington Metro Park, some 40 minutes NW Detroit.


I was asked to give a talk at a conference on Autonomous Cars in detroit, August 2015 in Detroit. The Venue was down town and the organizer offered me three nights at the Westing Book Cadillac Hotel. Since I arrived already Satursday it gave me the opportunity to do some bird watching and possibility to stay at my friends house..


I started the day by just doing a walk in my colleagues neighbourhood and then took the car to Kensington Metro Park where I had been a few times before. A huge area with lots of opportunities for bird watching.


August is not the optimal month for bird watching but I had a good time anyway.


Chimney Swift

A few days work in Detroit allowed me to take the car down to Indiana to my colleague and accompany him up to Wisconsin for a few days in his lodge.


Up in the Rhinelander-area we had two entire days to drive the roads, walk the woods and watch the sky to see what the birdlife was about.


I had two great days but I wish I could have been more succesfull on finding a good view of some Grouses.


Nevertheless I saw two new species during the trip.


Black-throated Green Warbler

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