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Salalah - Dofar 2013

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Sand Grouse
Isabelline Shrike

Oman is an incredible and beautiful country with several types of Nature. From stony and sandy deserts to Mountains with Monsoon forests, including the famous Baobab trees.


Fall 2013, Kent, Oscar, my son and I went there to Oman to explore the country and spot as many bird species as possible in one week. We selected October/November when the Monsoon was over for the year and when migrating birds should be abundant.


We stayed in Crowne Plaze in Salalah and rented a four wheel drive car and started to explore the country. It was surely needed as we two times got stuck in the sand.


Seven days of great sightings and deepening friendship! We tried to cover the vast desert, including Quatpit with its oasis as well as the coastline. Never did I expect a country being so different.


A full trip report is available at


Bonelli's Eagle

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