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Jordan - Aqaba 2014

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Fan-tailed Warbler

A good friend of mine has been ill for some time, seriously ill. Anyway, one day he calls and makes a proposal to take our sons and go to Jordan for some birdwatching.


The only obstacle now was to manage to get a passport as Jordan requires six months of validity upon leaving Jordan. Just in time it did arrive. As you understand, we did manage to find some decent tickets with Solresor with take off from Malmoe. We stayed at Aqaba and did some daily tours for a few days before we decided to go for Dana and Petra.


Dana is an amazing old village, currently being restored to its historic beauty. Here, several thousand feet above sea level, we found a good place for many rare birds such as the Pharao Eagle Owl, Lillith Owl etc.


The last few days we spent in Aqaba, mostly around the sewage where we got upended by the military who scared my son quite a bit with their rifles. Anyway, we survived.


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