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India - Mudumalai & Ooty 2015

A common Iora
Savanna Nightjar

After a few days work I hired a guide with my friend Kent! Tamil Nadu is a great state to do birding in. When we entered Tamil Nadu we did that from Bandipur in Karnataka. Here we targetted to see both Masinagudi Forest, a part of the Mudemalai National Park and later Ooty, the nice high altitude plateu.


Mudemalai is a wonderful place, peaceful, not so much traffic and views that almost make you lose your breath. Here we aimed to get a few species of Nightjars, Bird of prey as well as many forest birds and owls. We saw many nice birds but we also got interupted in our birding by a forest guard that hindered us from going in to the park. Pity!


After sleeping at Jungle Hut in the Masinagudi Forest we left early the following morning to Ooty were we had hopes to see two endemic species, namely the Nilgiri Blue Robin as well as the Black-chinned Laughingthrush. We saw both :-)


In the afternoon we left Ooty for Munnar over Chinnar. But we did not had the time to do any birding on the road as we were delayed due to several traffic accidents and high traffic. Coimbatore is not easy to drive through during weekends.




Malabar Hornbill

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