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Spain - Mallorca 2015

Cirl Bunting

My friend had the opportunity to be invited to a wedding on Mallorca. He nad his wife would stay a few days extra and I got chance to come seeing him and do some birding. Goals for the trip was to see the endemic or near endemic birds on Mallorca. Several endemic races, opting for splitting was also targetted, e.g. Striated Flycatcher


I arrived Friday evening at 10 pm with SAS that had cheap flights and found a hotel near the airport. In the morning Kent picked me up at 0745 am.


First day we targetted the western Mallorca and a final tour to Albufeira in the evening.


Second day held Formentor and some other northwest locations to see Eleonora Falcons and the Vultures. We finished of with a trip to the salinas in the southeast.


Last day we spent both in albufeira, west mountains, and north coast.


The endemic birds were sighted, e.g. the Moltoni Warbler and Balearic Warbler.


Other sightings of interest was the Moustached Warbler and the Barnacle Goose as well as the Auduin's Gull.


Eleonora Falcon

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