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Canary Islands - Tenerife 2012

Canary Siskin
Cobolt Tit

Canary Islands - Lanzarote 2009

The Tenerife island is the largest of the beautiful Canary islands and also the best when it comes to different nature types to bird watch in, in my humble opinion. Endemic birds as well as a unique nature. Tenerife has everything from desert to tundra, if what I am told is correct.


My family and I bought a last minute trip end of December 2012 and got a wonderful week with extremely nice wheather and much sun.


The last day I convinced my son to accompany me to an area where some rare pigeons should breed. So we went there and had a great day when we spotted several of the endemic birds, including the Blue Chaffinch.


The Lauerel pigeon was illusive but we saw it. Unfortunately my camera failed to give me the one shot when it flew by, very close. On the other hand the Bolle's pigeon rested some 100 meters away from me. No good photos here but anyway, a good memory. My son and I were playing card when I suddenly saw the bird and tried to sneak close. No way. These birds are trained to avoid hunters, thats for sure.


On the way home to the hotel we drove over Teide National park and spotted the Canary Woodpecker, the Firecrest, and some more nice birds such as the Chukar and Southern Gray Shrike.


Canary Pigeon

The Canary Islands are sought by the Swedes for its nice weather during the Swedish winter. 100 thousands people fly there every year. Most people do not have any idea of how good birding these islands have.


Me and my family have been there numerous of times. Sometimes I have had the chance to bring the Camera and to take an extra drive to some nice area. Other times I have simply just hope to see something up close.


First trip with the camera was 2009 when we went to Lanzarote with is beautiful volcano landscape. We arrived early January to a very cold Lanzarote. It was tyold that is was among the coldest in years. Well, good thing is that birds usually do not care, as long as the snow is kept away.


We rented a car and went to all sites I've heard of. We did find half of them and did not see any of the birds we anticipated. Anyway, the trip was very nice as we spotted some Houbara Boustards along with an inland road.


I went back to this spot the very next morning and enjoyed the sunrise and birds close up.



Houbara Bustard
Trumpeter Finch

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