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Japan 2010

Easter Reed Warbler
Northern Pintail

I have been to Japan a handful times. At some occasions I have had the time to also bring my camera with me.

As I had no knowledge about where to go birding this home page only shows common birds and from urban areas in Nagoya region.

The standardization meeting I attended lasted three days but I had one Sunday and a Thursday afternoon to bird watch. I decided to go to some parks as well as the harbour where I read that a lot of waders were resting on their passage to Siberia.


The parks are everyone abundant with nice birds but are so shy I never got any good photos. For a few seconds I did have a beautiful Narcissus Flyctacher in the view, but in the same fraction of a second my Camera took the picture it was gone. The Narcissus Flycatcher is indeed a beautiful piece of creation.


The harbour was almost empied as it was almost mid May and most birds where gone except for some late comers such as the Tattler.


The most memorable sighting was the Grey-headed Lapwing flying a few hundred meters from me.


In the evening I arrived to Tokyo, Narita, and hoped for an upgrade but alas, it was economy.



Meadow Bunting

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