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Welcome to my "Homepage"!

I am a bit surprised that you have found my homepage among the miliions of homepages we have on the Internet. Now I just hope you care to "stay" a while and read the stories behind the photos. and get aquainted with the birds and discover their beauty. As I hope to update this homepage along with my trips and motivation you are more than welcome to return.


Most photographs have been taken either during my business trips or when my family and I have travelled together. The latter is complex, as my dear family do not share the same excitement about birding and photography.


My son and I have, nevertheless, made some exceptions to the above, doing a few "pure" birding trips to exotic countries (for a Swede), this include but is not limited to Jordan and Oman.


I am not proffesional, as you probably already have noticed, but... I have, taken all the photos without any previous planning, preparation, settings, staging, lighting or camoflage. The birds see me as I am and usually fly away long before I even can focus the Camera. Well, well, enjoy!

In Jordan, waiting for some action

The man behind the Lens


At the top of Haleakala, Hawaii

Soon to be 47 years old. I have a lovely wife and two "adoring" teenagers. I spend most of my time in Gothenburg where I work within automotive systems. The remainder of the time I try to spend with my family or in the nature. I have furthermore a small farm together with my wife where we can retreat when needed and where I can, if lucky, spot some nice Grouses.


1982 I got my first camea from my father, an SLR camera, Canon AV-1. It was accompanied with a 50mm f1.8 lens. With this camera I spent hours and hours around the city of Vetlanda, where I grew up. After a while I got the chance to buy a used Vivitar 400 mm f6.3. It served a purpose and introduced bird photography into my life. 1986 I got a job as a photographer at the local news paper, Vetlanda Posten, and thus I could motivate the procurement of my F-1.Throughout the years I have now had many Canon cameras (but only one Nikon), such as AE-1, A-1, 30D, 50D, 70D mk I & II and 1Ds Mark IV.


Now, after several years I am not into any other photography anymore, but bird photography although my family is sometimes by accident the target.


I am a keen birder, but I almost always bring my camera with me wherever I go, be it birdwatching or not. I always have a wish to document all my sightings of the birds that I do not see everyday. This is also the background to why some images on this site is not really adding much to people not aware of how hard or rare some birds are to actually get photos of without massive planning and money. For example some birds are extremly rare visitors to Sweden and also hard to get close up. So I meerly add these as a bonus. But I have also done a book about my farm, please press the link

If you, by any chance, like to purchase any of my photos, maybe on a canvas, please let me know and I would gladly provide this on a "self cost" price.



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